Eurorack version of the Oberkorn: 16 part, 3 channel analogue step sequencer. It is identical to Oberkorn, but without the MIDI to Trigger Module (and without case or power supply!). This is a module so you will need a suitable Eurorack case and power supply.

£449 exc VAT


Black Eurokorn (standard)
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Eurokorn module – case and power supply not included.

  • 3 x CV channels, 2 x Gate channels,
  • 3 separate full 16 step CV channels
  • 48 CV knobs, 16 Gate switches, 17 LEDs
  • CV control of Speed / Tempo.
  • Aluminium construction.


Eurorack Oberkorn is identical to the stand-alone non-euro version – except it does not have MIDI-Trigger, case, or power supply. This is because the MIDI sockets are on the rear of the case. The Eurorack version is modules – it has no rear for MIDI sockets – and, there is no space on the front for any more sockets! It is full! Use our MT9 MIDI-Trigger module if you want a quick and easy way to sync to MIDI.


Note: Eurokorn requires +5V in addition to -12V and +12V. On Doepfer cases, 5V is an option. You may wish to purchase this option if you have a Doepfer case.

Note to Korg MS20 and Yamaha CS Owners:
Korg MS and Yamaha CS series use an inverted gate input. It is possible to custom order a modified Oberkorn with one or both Gate outputs modified to have inverted 5V outputs. This has been tested on an MS20 only.



Specification… Controls and Features Other details
CV 3 CV channels, 16 step Each CV channel has a range control and transpose CV input
Gate 2 Gate channels, 16 step approx 10v gate output. Includes ‘Legato’ switch to chain consecutive ons.
Clock LFO clock (Internal clock speed is about 1Hz to 30Hz, CV control of tempo clock output, external clock in
Control input 4 bit binary input to control step number
Buttons Reset to 1, Reset to 16, and single step advance
Reset Reset input. +5v resets the sequencer to step 1. Change sequence length to other than 16.
Size / Mass 3U / 84HP – standard Euro Rack size. 95mm deep
Power Requires 5V, 12V, -12VCurrent Consumption:
5V / 50mA
12V / 30mA
-12V / 15mA